Low Noise Displays

Low Noise Firework Displays are becoming more and more popular as, while Firework displays are a staple of celebrations around the world, they can also pose a challenge for those who are sensitive to loud noises or have pets or animals that may become distressed. In recent years, there has been a growing trend towards low noise firework displays as a more inclusive and sustainable option.

These displays utilize specially designed fireworks that produce less noise without compromising on visual impact. By reducing the decibel level, low noise firework displays create a more comfortable environment for individuals with sensory sensitivities. Additionally, they help minimize the stress experienced by pets and wildlife, promoting a safer and more enjoyable experience for everyone involved. The increased popularity of low noise firework displays reflects a broader shift towards fostering inclusivity and environmental consciousness in celebratory events.

Firework displays labeled as “low noise” are specifically created to minimize the amount of noise produced compared to traditional displays. This is accomplished by utilizing quieter fireworks and implementing innovative design techniques. While these displays still generate some noise, it is considerably diminished in comparison to traditional displays, rendering them a preferable choice for individuals and animals with sensitivity to loud noises.

Why are Low Noise Firework Displays becoming more popular?

There are several reasons why low noise displays are becoming more popular. One of the main reasons is that they are more inclusive. Traditional firework displays can be distressing for people with sensory processing issues, such as those with autism or PTSD. They can also cause anxiety for pets, wildlife, and farm animals. By offering a low noise alternative, event organizers can ensure that everyone can enjoy the celebrations without being overwhelmed.

Another reason for the popularity of lower noise displays is their environmental sustainability. Low noise fireworks are often made from more environmentally friendly materials and produce less waste.

Benefits of Low Noise Firework Displays

  1. Increased Accessibility: As mentioned above, lower noise firework displays are more inclusive and accessible for people with sensory processing issues, anxiety, and pets. This can help to create a more welcoming and inclusive environment at events, ensuring that everyone can participate in the celebrations.
  2. Environmental Sustainability: Low noise firework displays are more environmentally sustainable than traditional displays. They produce less waste and use more environmentally friendly materials, minimizing the impact on the environment.
  3. Reduced Noise Pollution: Traditional fireworks can produce noise levels of up to 150 decibels, which is louder than a jet engine. This can be distressing for people and animals and can also contribute to noise pollution in the local area. Low noise fireworks produce significantly less noise, creating a more pleasant and peaceful atmosphere.

Additionally, low noise firework displays have been shown to be less disruptive to individuals with sensory sensitivities, such as those with autism or PTSD. This inclusivity allows for a more enjoyable and inclusive experience for everyone attending the event. Moreover, low noise fireworks also have the potential to reduce the risk of fire-related accidents, as they generate less sparks and embers. This increased safety factor is especially important in areas with dry climates or during periods of drought. In summary, opting for low noise firework displays not only enhances the overall experience for attendees but also promotes environmental sustainability, inclusivity, and safety.

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FAQ - Have A Question?

  • When is the best time to have a wedding firework display?

    Depending on the season and the location of your venue, darkness could be anytime between 6pm and 11pm. We recommend checking the sunset times for your date and location before booking your display.

  • Where can I have a wedding firework display?

    You can have a wedding firework display at any venue that has enough outdoor space and permission to host fireworks. Some venues may have restrictions or requirements regarding noise levels, safety distances, or insurance, so it is important to check with them before booking your display. At fantasticfireworksnorth.co.uk, we have experience working with hundreds of venues across the UK and we can advise you on the best options for your chosen location.

  • Can I choose the music for my wedding firework display?

    Yes, you can choose the music for your wedding firework display if you opt for one of our musical packages. You can either select one of our pre-designed playlists or create your own custom playlist with your favourite songs. We will then choreograph the fireworks to match the rhythm and mood of your music.

  • How do I book a wedding firework display?

    Booking a wedding firework display with Fantastic Fireworks North is easy and hassle-free. You can contact us by phone, email, or online form and we will get back to you with a quote and availability for your date. Once you are happy with the details, we will send you a booking form and an invoice for a 10% deposit to secure your booking. The balance is due 60 days before your event.

  • What happens if it rains on my wedding day?

    Rain does not usually affect a wedding firework display as our fireworks are waterproofed in advance and can withstand the UK weather quite well.

  • How safe is a wedding firework display?

    A wedding firework display is very safe when performed by a professional firework display company like Fantastic Fireworks North. We have nearly 4 decades of experience in the industry and we follow strict safety guidelines and regulations. All our staff are fully trained and qualified in handling fireworks and we carry £10 million public liability insurance. We also conduct a site survey and risk assessment before every display and we liaise with the venue to ensure everything runs smoothly.

  • How can I protect my pets from fireworks?

    To protect your pets from fireworks, keep them inside when fireworks are being let off. Close all windows and doors and block off cat flaps to stop pets escaping and to keep noise to a minimum. Draw the curtains and if the animals are used to the sounds of TV or radio, switch them on (but not too loudly) in order to block out some of the noise of the fireworks.

  • How do fireworks work?

    Fireworks work through a chemical reaction that involves an oxidizer, a fuel, and a chemical mixture to produce the color. The oxidizer breaks the chemical bonds in the fuel, releasing all of the energy that’s stored in those bonds. To ignite this chemical reaction, all you need is a bit of fire, in the form of a fuse or a direct flame.

  • Can I choose the colours for my wedding firework display?

    Yes, you can choose the colours for your wedding firework display if you opt for one of our bespoke packages. You can either select one of our pre-designed colour schemes or create your own custom colour scheme with your preferred colours. We will then do our best to use fireworks in your display that match your chosen colours.

  • How much does a wedding firework display cost?

    The cost of a wedding firework display depends on several factors, such as the duration, the size and the location. At Fantastic Fireworks North we don't do 'off the shelf' packages, we offer a full range of bespoke options to suit all budgets and preferences. Call our display team on 01565 830 800 for your personal no obligation quotation.

  • How long does a wedding firework display last?

    The length of a wedding firework display can vary depending on your choice of package and your personal preference. Typically, our wedding displays last between 4 and 10 minutes, but we can also create longer or shorter shows if required.

  • What chemicals are used to create different colors in fireworks?

    Different metal elements are used to create different colors in fireworks. Strontium and lithium compounds produce deep reds; copper produces blues; titanium and magnesium burn silver or white; calcium creates an orange color; sodium produces yellow and finally, barium burns green.

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