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Fantastic Fireworks – Excellent Service
Fantastic Fireworks pride ourselves on providing an exceptional service. When you book a fireworks display or buy fireworks from us we make it an easy and enjoyable experience. You can call us for advice about professional displays on 01565 830 800, or you can browse and pick your favourite display fireworks by watching demo videos in our online store.
Fantastic Fireworks – Fantastic Product
You can browse full product descriptions before buying any of our Retail Fireworks from our online shop.
Our selection of fireworks is suitable for a wide range of celebrations that go beyond bonfire night. Fireworks make a perfect finale for any New Year’s Eve, Diwali, wedding, birthday, community or other event. Fireworks are also designed to suit different users; so if you’re a fan of the sparkle, but not the noise, see our range of quiet fireworks.
Many of the fireworks for sale on our website are one-fuse, single ignition fireworks and easy to use. They come with clear instructions and notes to guide you, so don’t worry if you are a first time user. If you’re really not sure what to choose, why not take a look at our firework display packs which have been handpicked by our team of experts to create a display guaranteed to thrill your audience.
All our fireworks are either Category 2 or 3, the closest you can get to professional fireworks without requiring a licence. Category 2 fireworks normally require an 8-15-metre safety distance while category 3 fireworks are more suited for larger areas with at least 25 metres of safety distance
Fantastic Fireworks – Fantastic Company
Fantastic Fireworks is a well-established firework display company and retailer with over 30 years of experience. As double winners of the British Fireworks Championship we know a thing or two about what makes the best fireworks. You can see more about our history in our company pages.
Training is the key to safety and Fantastic Fireworks also offer training courses and experience days for both amateurs and professionals. Our courses are open to the general public and also community groups including Scout & Guide groups, School PTAs, Round Table, Rotary, Lions, Public Houses and Parish Councils. Courses take place several times a year and are based at our headquarters in Luton. For more information on training dates and online bookings, head over to our fireworks training website.
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