£36.99 Inc VAT

Abyss is a premium quality multishot firework from Bright Star’s Connoisseur Range (which is a ‘high end’ range of fireworks introduced in 2012). It is a 32 shot Barrage Firework with multi-effects including red palms, gold spiders and blue Pearls. This firework is notable for its excellent colour range, but aside from that it contains a most brilliant circular finale ‘party-piece’. Abyss is best fired on its own. Don’t make your audience avert their eyes from this excellent piece.

Air Raid

£18.99 Inc VAT

19 shot single ignition barrage – Also available as part of the awesome foursome pack.

Amazing Night

£19.99 Inc VAT

Amazing Night does what it says on the box! It will give you an amazing show of fireworks in just this one smallish box for 30 seconds. It is filled with great effects which will have you going ohh and ahh and make you wanting more. This is a must have firework!



£58.99 Inc VAT

This is a very red firework complemented by some very vibrant gold bursts. Everything about it is high quality. The best thing about Ambush are the clarity of the bursts – you’ll know that you’re watching a premium-level firework with the Ambush, and it will open your eyes to the different levels of category 3 fireworks available to you.

OUT OF STOCKApex Predator

Apex Predator

£49.99 Inc VAT
From Bright Star’s Elite range this is a high quality firework with stunning effects, including comets, spinners and whistles. Apex Predator can go on for up to 70 seconds on a good day, making it a very good value for money with a great array of effects, particularly its vibrant reds.


£54.99 £27.49 Inc VAT

This is a medium-size 43 shot multishot cake with everything you could ever want from a firework in this price range. It’s wide and it’s narrow, it’s colourful and crackling. It also has a very good variation of pace and noise. Quite simply a terrific addition to any fireworks display. The name and the packaging imply Hallowe’en, but this firework could be used for birthdays, weddings or Bonfire Night, but perhaps not if noise is an issue – it contains some devilish screechers! If you like the idea of this firework with it’s noise and colour contrasts, check out The Intimidator by Fantastic Fireworks.

OUT OF STOCKSaleAtomic Reactor

Atomic Reactor

£29.99 £21.49 Inc VAT

Atomic Reactor is a multishot firework and consists of spiralling comets which break into huge coloured stars and crackles. Atomic Reactor also has a good duration for the amount of shots it has, 37 shots spread over 50 seconds, and with the good mix of effects and moderate pace lets you truly see the beauty of this item.

Auld Lang Syne

£71.99 Inc VAT

This is a firework will hold its own as a single piece or part of a display. Effects include glitter palms, chrysanthemum crackles and comets, peony breaks with strobing stars, glitter comets and mine lifts, finishing with a volley of multicolours and glitter