Wedding FAQs

How much do your wedding fireworks in Cheshire cost?
Our wedding fireworks displays start from £1250

Does it cost any more if I want wedding fireworks in other parts of the country?
No, our prices are the same whether you want wedding fireworks in Lancashire, firework for a wedding in Yorkshire, or wedding fireworks on the Wirral

Do I need any special permissions?
No, but it’s always a good idea to check with your venue that they permit fireworks

Is there anything you can do if noise is a problem?
Yes. We have developed a range of quiet fireworks suitable for venues which do not permit noisy fireworks

What level of insurance cover do you hold?
We carry £10 million of public liability insurance

Can you set my wedding fireworks to music?
Yes, tell us your favourite songs and we will choreograph your display to them

How much does designing my display to music cost?
Nothing. Music choreography is all part of our service

How about a PA system to play the music?
If you have one at the reception that we can use then it’s job done but if that’s not possible we can bring one for a small additional charge.

What is the latest time of night that I can have a wedding fireworks display?
11pm is the legal curfew for most nights in the UK but some wedding venues set earlier times to avoid disturbing neighbours.

Do I need to notify the police or local authorites for my wedding fireworks display?
No. However if you think a display may cause an unexpected disturbance letting them and your neighbours know in advance will make everyone aware.

How much space do I need for my wedding fireworks display?
We have fired displays in all sorts of locations, on the sea, on lakes, on rivers, on rooftops, in city centres and in some of the tightest locations, it all depends on exactly where you have mind. Ideally we like a big open space at least the size of a football pitch.

What happens if it rains?
The show goes on. It’s your special day and we won’t disappoint you.

I have had quotes from lots of different companies, how do I know who to choose?
Call 01565 830800 and we’ll tell you!

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