Quiet Fireworks

Special-OfferWe know that noise is an issue for many venues, which is why we have created the Quiet Collection. This unique package has been designed to provide a beautiful visual display which won’t upset the neighbours or frighten the horses! Colourful combinations of roman candles, stunning sweeps of stars, fountains and fans of glittering gold and tumbling silver waterfalls paint quiet pictures in the sky. When the Samuel Whitbread Community College held their Summer Prom at Knebworth Park, we devised a spectacular fireworks and laser show choreographed to music with nothing louder than a crackle.

Don’t take our word for it

No company says that they don’t do a good job. We’re no different except that we not only give you quotes from clients and the media we also provide the evidence.

“It is a complete joy to work with Fantastic Fireworks, the company is not only run with professionalism and creativity, but also with sensitivity to the client’s and the venue’s situation.  They are the only fireworks company we use and continue to recommend.”
Martha Lytton-Cobbold, Managing Director, Knebworth House & Park 

Can you...
Can you...

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