Displays on Water

IoM-e1395680737129Got a river, a lake, the sea? We have some fantastic effects. You’ll love our floating fireworks that create a magic carpet of colours & our aqua mines that take you by surprise as they shoot up from the water in fountains of fire. Fireworks also create pretty reflections, creating an even more pleasing spectacle. If we can’t fire from the water’s edge we’ll set sail and shoot your show on anything from a barge to the latest modular floating platform. Recent water-based events include the Hull Freedom Festival, the Isle of Man TT and even a specially commissioned display as part of a Chinese Art Exhibition at the Liverpool Tate Gallery.

The-Super-VIP-treatmentDon’t take our word for it
No company says that they don’t do a good job. We’re no different except that we not only give you quotes from clients and the media we also provide the evidence.
Quote:  ‘The closing pyro display produced by Fantastic Fireworks was spectacular and unlike any display seen in the city before, firing from three different locations on the waterfront over 30,000 people watched the fireworks finale and a truly magical event.’
Alan Thomson, Unique Events.

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