Daytime Fireworks

daylight22Daytime fireworks? Well, why not! If you want some razzmatazz for your lunchtime launch, our new colourful smoke effects, parachute parades, whistles and whizzes willliven up the dullest day. First seen back in the early 80s on Saturday Superstore with Keith Chegwin, Fantastic Fireworks brought daytime fireworks to daytime TV! After a gap of 25 years we’ve brought them back. When Porstmouth Festivities were looking for a special effect to welcome visiting astronauts from the Space Shuttle, they contacted Fantastic Fireworks. We created a seaside spectacular that looked like a flypast by the Red Arrows, the Green Arrows and the Yellow Arrows all rolled into one!

Don’t take our word for it…

Quote: ”The fireworks were wonderful, truly spectacular. No one quite knew what to expect and we were all stunned by how amazing they were.’
Pippa Cleary, general manager of Portsmouth Festivities. 

Can you...
Can you...

...Yes We Can!

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