Christmas Lights

CFE-xmas-Leeds-300x197Switching on the Christmas Lights is one of the fun moments of the year and draws big crowds of mums, dads and excited children. Fireworks are a popular addition to the razzmatazz, along with confetti, artificial snow and other effects. Whether it’s indoors or out, we can supply all the ingredients of this magic occasion. As you can see in our video we can set the fireworks to a traditional Christmas soundtrack with colourful rather than noisy fireworks to match. We are especially experienced in setting off fireworks in city centres & on rooftops, using fireworks which produce very little debris & are therefore safe in such a confined space. We have worked in major cities including, Birmingham, Leeds, Liverpool & Glasgow, and in dozens of smaller towns, all to very exacting standards of health & safety. If you would like further information please email or call 01565 830 800 for a friendly chat.

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