Daytime Fireworks

Daytime fireworks? Well, why not! If you want some razzmatazz for your lunchtime launch, our new colourful smoke effects, parachute parades, whistles and whizzes willliven up the dullest day. [...]

Ashes fireworks

Our first request to place someone’s ashes in a firework came 20 years ago. Since then it has become a popular way of celebrating a loved one’s life. We will handle your request sensitively & [...]

Birthday fireworks

Rock stars like Mick Hucknall & knights of the realm like Topshop’s Sir Philip Green have used FantasticFireworks for their birthday celebrations. For Mick Hucknall’s 50th birthday party we [...]

Quiet Fireworks

We know that noise is an issue for many venues, which is why we have created the Quiet Collection. This unique package has been designed to provide a beautiful visual display which won’t upset [...]

Special effects

We are not just about fireworks. We can also supply a whole range of special effects to enhance your event. Confetti and streamers for award ceremonies & stadium events, flames for where you want [...]

Christmas Lights

Switching on the Christmas Lights is one of the fun moments of the year and draws big crowds of mums, dads and excited children. Fireworks are a popular addition to the razzmatazz, along with [...]