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Plutonium Pulse

£30.00 £24.99 Inc VAT

Plutonium Pulse is a 325 shot roman candle that fires coloured stars with crackles for over 1 minute. They are great fired in pairs in a V formation as well. We are offering them to you in a Twin Pack as a special offer so you can make the most of them.

Party in a Box

£34.99 £33.99 Inc VAT

One of our best selling and best value fireworks, full of huge star and palm bursts, spinners, glitter and crackles. This truly is a box of delights crammed into 60 seconds and is perfect to use at any party!



£44.99 Inc VAT

This is the perfect opening firework (ie the one you light first). It starts with an anticipation-building fountain, then breaks out into 19 stunning blue and silver aerial bursts before breaking into a fanned finale of crackle bursts

Space Explorer

£6.50 £5.99 Inc VAT

The Space Explorer Rockets come in a pack of five, so can be used in multiple ways. You can either buy multiple packs of them and enjoy a ‘rocket-fuelled’ fireworks party, or you can use them to punctuate the gaps in your fireworks display, for example when one of your multishot fireworks has gone out and you are waiting for the next one to kick into gear, simply send a Space Explorer into the sky to fill the gap.

OUT OF STOCKSaleAtomic Reactor

Atomic Reactor

£29.99 £21.49 Inc VAT

Atomic Reactor is a multishot firework and consists of spiralling comets which break into huge coloured stars and crackles. Atomic Reactor also has a good duration for the amount of shots it has, 37 shots spread over 50 seconds, and with the good mix of effects and moderate pace lets you truly see the beauty of this item.

Collateral Damage

£29.99 £12.99 Inc VAT

Collateral Damage is a 36 shot fanned firework from the Bright Star Fireworks Elite range. It is a pretty firework with low noise, which means it is great for a quiet display. The effects include a fanned formation of silver spinning pearls with red, green and white star mine lifts.



£54.99 £27.49 Inc VAT

This is a medium-size 43 shot multishot cake with everything you could ever want from a firework in this price range. It’s wide and it’s narrow, it’s colourful and crackling. It also has a very good variation of pace and noise. Quite simply a terrific addition to any fireworks display. The name and the packaging imply Hallowe’en, but this firework could be used for birthdays, weddings or Bonfire Night, but perhaps not if noise is an issue – it contains some devilish screechers! If you like the idea of this firework with it’s noise and colour contrasts, check out The Intimidator by Fantastic Fireworks.

Silver Tornado

£29.99 £24.99 Inc VAT

Silver Tornado is a fast paced multishot firework which fires each of its amazing effects in quick succession. If you want a bit of impact in your display, along with some quality effects, this is the firework for you!

Flying Pig

£69.99 £44.99 Inc VAT

This zooms back and forth across a wire and never fails to entertain crowds of all ages. An absolute winner for all organised displays. Comes complete with 25 meters (85ft) of rope

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Staff Recommended Products

Some of our favourite products as chosen by our pro display firers.

Red Baron

£29.99 Inc VAT

This high flying firework will amaze you with its red comet tail with silver glitter willow and yellow stars, red comet tail with green glitter willow and yellow stars, red comet tail with crackling willow and green stars

Beast in a Box

£79.99 Inc VAT

This has been re-mastered for this year but still has its beastly barrage of colour and noise lasting well over a minute. The effects include red star bursts, green palm bursts, blue star bursts, silver glitter and gold comets with lemon & purple stars

Total Wipeout Rockets

£52.99 Inc VAT

These Total Wipeout rockets are the biggest rockets we have ever sold and look impressive in their packaging even before you let them off. Of course when you do let them off you will be blown away by the effects and power they have! The size of the bursts on them – nothing will prepare you for what you will see when they break in the sky!

Effects Include:

  • Red Palm with Chrysanthemum
  • Brocade To Blue with Silver Glitter
  • Silver Glitter King
Number of Rockets 3
Altitude 75m Approx
Minimum Viewing Distance  25m
Duration 10 Seconds (Approx)


£29.99 Inc VAT

A very pretty piece in our range alternating between green comet tail with a purple and green peony star burst, silver comet tail with silver glitter peony star burst and red comet tail to blue peony star burst.


£39.99 Inc VAT

Thers a lot going on in this new firework! This is a double break item which means each shot bursts twice in the air and, having 30 shots, means you will see 60 bursts in the sky, giving a frenzied and psychotic display full of glitter, crackles, whistles and colourful bursts.

Party in a Box

£34.99 £33.99 Inc VAT

One of our best selling and best value fireworks, full of huge star and palm bursts, spinners, glitter and crackles. This truly is a box of delights crammed into 60 seconds and is perfect to use at any party!


£43.99 Inc VAT

Named after the popular “Halo” spinning effect, this multi-effect firework, along with spinners, also includes red palm bursts, green crackling star bursts, blue stars and silver glitter and gold stars with time rain.

The Scream Reloaded

£32.99 Inc VAT

If you’re after pure noise this is the fireworks for you. Full of almost 600 screamers and lasting 60 seconds your ears will never seem the same again after hearing this going off!

Amazing Night

£19.99 Inc VAT

Amazing Night does what it says on the box! It will give you an amazing show of fireworks in just this one smallish box for 30 seconds. It is filled with great effects which will have you going ohh and ahh and make you wanting more. This is a must have firework!


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